Are you interested in volunteering at The Great Falls Balloon Festival?

The success of the festival is dependent upon the skills and time of our countless volunteers. We are looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Balloon Crew
  • Crowd Support
  • Bridge/Gate Support
  • Souvenir Booth
  • Welcome/Greeter at Entrances
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Parade Support
  • Family Fun Day
  • Committee Member
  • Runner/Festival Support
  • Logistics
  • Balloon Ride Assistant
    And much more!

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers must meet all these requirements:

  • Volunteer must be over the age of 16, 18 for balloon crew
  • Volunteer must not bring children, for their safety
  • Volunteers who are working one of the gates or crowd control must wear a safety vest which will be provided
  • Balloon crew members should report to Simard-Payne Memorial Park at 5:30 am for morning launches and 5 pm for evening launches
  • Potential balloon crew volunteers are asked to please take into consideration that some of the balloon equipment is heavy
  • All volunteers must be respectful to all guests

Want to get involved in this year’s festival?

Fill out this forum and we will reach out with you closer to the festival.

    Which area are you interested in volunteering:
    Balloon CrewCrowd SupportBridge/Gate SupportSouvenir BoothWelcome/Greeter at EntrancesPancake BreakfastParade SupportFamily Fun DayCommittee MemberRunner/Festival SupportLogisticsBalloon Ride AssistantOther

    Availability (required)